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Assets 2
* Abbreviated "!stats" output in chat room to cut down on getting kicked by channel minder bot.
* Changed channel messages from the bot from PRIVMSG to NOTICE message type. Clients should/may color these message differently and skip NOTICEs when notifying the user that someone has talked.
* Added documentation -- viewable in GitHub, in the source code, or inside the WordPress plugin's Settings screen.
* Allow voting with no space between the vote command and the vote value (shortcut).
* Allow the vote value to be surrounded by brackets, quotation marks, or whatever -- to avoid user confusion.
* Allow extra input after the vote value; stored as comment in the vote table in the database for future enhancements.
* Added tabs (sections) to the Settings screen for usability.
* Allow IRC bot commands to enabled and disabled individually in the Settings screen. (For example, you may want to disable "!stats".)
* Allow IRC bot responses to be always sent as a private message reply instead of to the channel, to avoid getting to chatty in the main channel during peak hours. Configurable in the Settings screen, seperate option per response type.