Accompanying source code examples for my "Agile Software Development in Practice" lectures available on Slideshare
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Agile Software Development in Practice

This projects contains the source code examples accompanying my "Agile Software Development in Practice" lectures available on Slideshare:


  1. Checkout project and import into IDE of your choice
  2. Declare the src folder as source folders of the IDE project
  3. Add all libraries in /examples/lib and its subfolders to the IDE project's classpath
  4. Done!

How is this project organized?

  • de.kimminich.agile.demos source code required for the live demonstrations
  • de.kimminich.agile.examples source code snippets and examples as presented on the lecture slides
  • de.kimminich.agile.exercises source code required for doing the exercises
  • sample solutions for the demos and exercises[1]

[1]: The sample solutions are in no way considered perfect. They are not even the only valid solution for an exercise. Please feel free to submit proposals for new or improving any existing sample solution as a pull request!

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