Batman v Supername: Dawn of Legacy Code
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Batman v Supername: Dawn of Legacy Code

The Teaser

Decided to submit a decent, subtle and totally not blockbusterly talk to @Clean_Code_Days 2016: "Batman v Supername: Dawn of Legacy Code"

— Björn Kimminich (@bkimminich) 22. Dezember 2015
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The Story

Professionals use their power for good and write code that others can understand. (Uncle Bob, Clean Code)

Good names - for classes, functions and variables alike - are a simple but powerful way of creating understandable code. Understandable code gives you improved maintainability. Bad names on the other hand are a heavy burden that the whole development team has to carry. Bad names hide the authors intent, leave false clues and often obscure the meaning of code. And all this calls for a certain action that developers should never have to apply lightly: The Batman Mode™. Forced into detailed detective work, developers try to find the meaning and correct pronunciation of class names like GyqfaChBppResDao. They investigate the difference between intended and entrenched meaning of variable names like ssd, sd and cd. They argue with code-villains about Encodings, Hungarian Notation and if an interface name should start with an I or not. Putting a little bit of extra care into name choices and following some simple concepts such as the "Scope Rule" and "Newspaper Metaphor" can have huge positive effects on your code. By choosing Supernames™ your team might even prevent the Dawn of Legacy Code for its own project!

With great power comes great responsibility. (Uncle Ben, Spiderman)

The Prequel

In case you missed the introduction of The Batman Mode™ in the context of comments in source code, you can fill this gap here:

Talk History