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port: 3000
domain: juice-sh.op
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop'
logo: JuiceShop_Logo.png
favicon: favicon_v2.ico
numberOfRandomFakeUsers: 0
showChallengeSolvedNotifications: true
showChallengeHints: true
showVersionNumber: true
theme: slate # Options: cerulean cosmo cyborg darkly flatly lumen paper readable sandstone simplex slate spacelab superhero united yeti
gitHubRibbon: orange # Options: darkblue gray green orange red white none
twitterUrl: ''
facebookUrl: ''
planetOverlayMap: orangemap2k.jpg
planetName: Orangeuze
topProductImage: fruit_press.jpg
bottomProductImage: apple_pressings.jpg
altcoinName: Juicycoin
backgroundColor: '#eb6c44'
textColor: '#ffffff'
buttonColor: '#f5d948'
buttonTextColor: '#000000'
message: 'This website uses fruit cookies to ensure you get the juiciest tracking experience.'
dismissText: 'Me want it!'
linkText: 'But me wait!'
linkUrl: ''
contact: ''
encryption: ''
acknowledgements: '/#/score-board'
name: 'Apple Juice (1000ml)'
price: 1.99
description: 'The all-time classic.'
image: apple_juice.jpg
reviews: # Options 'author': admin, jim, bender, ciso, support, morty, mc.safesearch
- { text: 'One of my favorites!', author: admin }
name: 'Orange Juice (1000ml)'
description: 'Made from oranges hand-picked by Uncle Dittmeyer.'
price: 2.99
image: orange_juice.jpg
name: 'Eggfruit Juice (500ml)'
description: 'Now with even more exotic flavour.'
price: 8.99
image: eggfruit_juice.jpg
- { text: 'I bought it, would buy again. 5/7', author: admin }
name: 'Raspberry Juice (1000ml)'
description: 'Made from blended Raspberry Pi, water and sugar.'
price: 4.99
image: raspberry_juice.jpg
name: 'Lemon Juice (500ml)'
description: 'Sour but full of vitamins.'
price: 2.99
image: lemon_juice.jpg
name: 'Banana Juice (1000ml)'
description: 'Monkeys love it the most.'
price: 1.99
image: banana_juice.jpg
- { text: 'Fry liked it too.', author: bender }
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop T-Shirt'
description: 'Real fans wear it 24/7!'
price: 22.49
image: fan_shirt.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop CTF Girlie-Shirt'
description: 'For serious Capture-the-Flag heroines only!'
price: 22.49
image: fan_girlie.jpg
name: 'OWASP SSL Advanced Forensic Tool (O-Saft)'
description: 'O-Saft is an easy to use tool to show information about SSL certificate and tests the SSL connection according given list of ciphers and various SSL configurations.'
price: 0.01
image: orange_juice.jpg
urlForProductTamperingChallenge: ''
name: 'Christmas Super-Surprise-Box (2014 Edition)'
description: 'Contains a random selection of 10 bottles (each 500ml) of our tastiest juices and an extra fan shirt for an unbeatable price!'
price: 29.99
image: undefined.jpg
useForChristmasSpecialChallenge: true
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Sticker (2015/2016 design)'
description: 'Die-cut sticker with the official 2015/2016 logo. By now this is a rare collectors item. <em>Out of stock!</em>'
price: 999.99
image: sticker.png
deletedDate: '2017-04-28'
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Iron-Ons (16pcs)'
description: 'Upgrade your clothes with washer safe <a href="" target="_blank">iron-ons</a> of the OWASP Juice Shop or CTF Extension logo!'
price: 14.99
image: iron-on.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Magnets (16pcs)'
description: 'Your fridge will be even cooler with these OWASP Juice Shop or CTF Extension logo <a href="" target="_blank">magnets</a>!'
price: 15.99
image: magnets.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Sticker Page'
description: 'Massive decoration opportunities with these OWASP Juice Shop or CTF Extension <a href="" target="_blank">sticker pages</a>! Each page has 16 stickers on it.'
price: 9.99
image: sticker_page.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Sticker Single'
description: 'Super high-quality vinyl <a href="" target="_blank">sticker single</a> with the OWASP Juice Shop or CTF Extension logo! The ultimate laptop decal!'
price: 4.99
image: sticker_single.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Temporay Tattoos (16pcs)'
description: 'Get one of these <a href="" target="_blank">temporary tattoos</a> to proudly wear the OWASP Juice Shop or CTF Extension logo on your skin! If you tweet a photo of yourself with the tattoo, you get a couple of our stickers for free! Please mention <a href="" target="_blank"><code>@owasp_juiceshop</code></a> in your tweet!'
price: 14.99
image: tattoo.jpg
- { text: 'I straight-up gots nuff props fo''these tattoos!', author: mc.safesearch }
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Mug'
description: 'Black mug with regular logo on one side and CTF logo on the other! Your colleagues will envy you!'
price: 21.99
image: fan_mug.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Hoodie'
description: 'Mr. Robot-style apparel. But in black. And with logo.'
price: 49.99
image: fan_hoodie.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop-CTF Velcro Patch'
description: '4x3.5" embroidered patch with velcro backside. The ultimate decal for every tactical bag or backpack!'
price: 2.92
image: velcro-patch.jpg
- { text: 'This thang would look phat on Bobby''s jacked fur coat!', author: mc.safesearch }
- { text: 'Looks so much better on my uniform than the boring Starfleet symbol.', author: jim }
name: 'Woodruff Syrup "Forest Master X-Treme"'
description: 'Harvested and manufactured in the Black Forest, Germany. Can cause hyperactive behavior in children. Can cause permanent green tongue when consumed undiluted.'
price: 6.99
image: woodruff_syrup.jpg
name: 'Green Smoothie'
description: 'Looks poisonous but is actually very good for your health! Made from green cabbage, spinach, kiwi and grass.'
price: 1.99
image: green_smoothie.jpg
- { text: 'Fresh out of a replicator.', author: jim }
name: 'Quince Juice (1000ml)'
description: 'Juice of the <em>Cydonia oblonga</em> fruit. Not exactly sweet but rich in Vitamin C.'
price: 4.99
image: quince.jpg
name: 'Apple Pomace'
description: 'Finest pressings of apples. Allergy disclaimer: Might contain traces of worms. Can be <a href="/#recycle">sent back to us</a> for recycling.'
price: 0.89
image: apple_pressings.jpg
name: 'Fruit Press'
description: 'Fruits go in. Juice comes out. Pomace you can send back to us for recycling purposes.'
price: 89.99
image: fruit_press.jpg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Logo (3D-printed)'
description: 'This rare item was designed and handcrafted in Sweden. This is why it is so incredibly expensive despite its complete lack of purpose.'
price: 99.99
image: 3d_keychain.jpg # Exif metadata contains "OpenSCAD" as subtle hint...
fileForRetrieveBlueprintChallenge: JuiceShop.stl # blueprint file type
name: 'Juice Shop Artwork'
description: 'Unique masterpiece painted with different kinds of juice on 90g/m² lined paper.'
price: 278.74
image: artwork.jpg
name: 'Global OWASP WASPY Award 2017 Nomnation'
description: 'Your chance to nominate up to three quiet pillars of the OWASP community ends 2017-06-30! <a href="">Nominate now!</a>'
price: 0.03
image: waspy.png
deletedDate: '2017-07-01'
name: 'Strawberry Juice (500ml)'
description: 'Sweet & tasty!'
price: 3.99
image: strawberry_juice.jpeg
name: 'Carrot Juice (1000ml)'
description: 'As the old German saying goes: "Carrots are good for the eyes. Or has anyone ever seen a rabbit with glasses?"'
price: 2.99
image: carrot_juice.jpeg
name: 'OWASP Juice Shop Sweden Tour 2017 Sticker Sheet (Special Edition)'
description: '10 sheets of Sweden-themed stickers with 15 stickers on each.'
price: 19.1
image: stickersheet_se.png
deletedDate: '2017-09-20'
name: 'Pwning OWASP Juice Shop'
description: '<em>The official Companion Guide</em> by Björn Kimminich available <a href="">for free on LeanPub</a> and <a href="">readable online on GitBook</a>!'
price: 5.99
image: cover_small.jpg
- { text: 'Even more interesting than watching Interdimensional Cable!', author: morty }
name: 'Melon Bike (Comeback-Product 2018 Edition)'
description: 'The wheels of this bicycle are made from real water melons. You might not want to ride it up/down the curb too hard.'
price: 2999
image: melon_bike.jpeg
countryMapping: ~
showFlagsInNotifications: false
showCountryDetailsInNotifications: none # Options: none name flag both