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@bkimminich bkimminich released this Oct 3, 2020

⚙️ DevOps Automation

  • #1470: Added startup time metrics to Prometheus endpoint and Grafana dashboard template in monitoring/grafana-dashboard.json
  • #1478: Added customization time metrics to Prometheus endpoint
  • Failing Arm64-based build jobs will now break the CI/CD build again

🎯 Challenges

  • Seal accidental leakage of 2FA secret via some admininstrative API endpoint (now handled identical to password)
  • #1469: Close loophole that allowed a too easy solve of the "Deluxe Fraud" challenge

🐛 Bugfixes

  • #1466: Fix typo in DB property preventing retrieval of existing shopping baskets
  • f95cb15: Hide "Show tutorials only" button on Score Board if Hacking Instructor is not even enabled
  • #1478: Refactored various startup preparations into async/await code and parallelize as much as possible
  • #1474: Fixed contrast issues for captions on Photo Wall in all light-background themes
  • Fixed issue with sold-out/quantity-left ribbon preventing clicks to open Product Details dialogs

🐳 Docker

  • #1467: Update Docker container user to work properly with the runAsNonRoot flag in Kubernetes

🌐 I18N

  • Removed languages with no translations at all: 🇵🇰, 🇱🇹 and 🇦🇲

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