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@bkimminich bkimminich released this Dec 22, 2019

👨‍🏫 Hacking Instructor

  • #1247: Will now load lazily only when hackingInstructor.isEnabled is true thus removing all spoilers through accidentally seeing the tutorial scripts in the main frontend code
  • Added helper function waitForAngularRouteToBeVisited (route: String) to wait until the user visits a specific page

🚀 Features

  • Added special campaign coupon codes until 2023 for International Women's Day and National Orange Juice Day

🌐 I18N

  • Extended translations for 🇳🇱 and 🇪🇪
  • All texts on order invoice PDFs are now translatable
  • All frontend confirmation messages are now translatable
  • Hint link texts and other messages on the Score Board are now translatable


  • #1263: Fixed regular but undeterministic NPEs occuring during frontend unit test execution on Travis-CI

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