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What is it?

It's a syslog listener that forwards messages to AMQP (RabbitMQ, specifically). So, you can tell rsyslog to send messages to Bevis, and tell Bevis how you want it to act with regards to sending the messages on to an AMQP server. Namely, you can tell it what components of the syslog message to use in building a routing key for the message.

What's with the name?

I wanted to call it 'lumberjack', since it deals with logs. Too hard to find in a Google search and a pretty common software project name.

Then I thought 'logue', since it's a combination of 'log' and 'queue'. Just thought I could do better.

Bevis is the name of a rather interesting lumberjack from a Monty Python skit (bevis is written in Python, which is named after Monty Python). See the skit:

What's required?

  • Python 2.7 (I use argparse)
  • An rfc5424-compliant syslog source (I test with rsyslog)
  • pika (I test with 0.9.5)
  • tornado 2.x (I test with 2.0git and the PyPI 2.0 release)
  • loggerglue (I test with 1.0)
  • PyYAML

Blindingly Fast Start

$ git clone
$ cd bevis
$ python install
$ bevis -c etc/config.yaml -f # run in the foreground

Open another terminal

$ python
$ tail bevis.log

You should see an attempt to publish the message, and the message itself in the log. If you have a RabbitMQ server running on localhost, and you have an exchange set up and a queue bound to it as specified in config.yaml, there should be a message in your queue.

What's rfc5424, and how do I know if I'm compliant?

RFC 5424 defines the syslog protocol. Oddly, it seems difficult to find compliant applications. In some cases it's hard to even verify compliance: Linux syslogd's man page (and related ones like syslog.conf and syslog) don't mention what RFC it is compliant with. So, to be completely honest, I don't (yet) have a bullet-proof answer for you on how to tell if you're compliant.

I can tell you that I test with rsyslog and it is able to forward syslog messages from whatever application it gets them from, to Bevis, in rfc5424 format. Here's the line in my rsyslog configuration that does the trick:

*.* @@;RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol123Format

This is a test setup wherein I forward a copy of everything (*.*) to a Bevis server on the localhost ( listening on port 6514. After the semicolon is the name of an rsyslog 'template'.

The '23' in the template name refers to, which it appears is obsoleted by rfc5424, which itself seems to be a bugfix update to 23. Don't quote me on that.


A syslog listener/server that forwards messages to AMQP







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