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#!/usr/bin/env python
__author__ = 'Brian K. Jones'
__email__ = ''
import unittest2 as unittest
from mock import Mock, patch, patch_object
from cmd import Cmd
from StringIO import StringIO
from bunnyq import Bunny
class TestBunny(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
Bunny.request = Mock()
Bunny.do_connect = Mock(return_value=True)
self.b = Bunny('foo', 9090, 'guest', 'guest')
def test_instance(self):
host = ''
port = 9090
user = 'guest'
password = 'guest'
b = Bunny(host, port, user, password)
self.assertIsInstance(b, Bunny)
self.assertIsInstance(b, Cmd)
def test_list_vhost(self):
self.b.request.return_value = [{'name': 'v1', 'foo': 'bar'},
{'name': 'v2', 'baz': 'quux'}]
sout = StringIO()
expected_out = "v1\nv2\n"
with patch('sys.stdout', new=sout) as out:
self.assertEqual(expected_out, out.getvalue())
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