Helper class/decorator for adding HTTP Digest Authentication to Tornado Web Server apps.
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curtain is a helper mixin class and accompanying decorator for people who
would like to implement HTTP Digest authentication (RFC 2617) in their tornado
applications ( 

It is distributed under the same license as tornado itself (namely, the 
Apache License, Version 2.0

To use these tools, you can add the DigestAuthHandler mixin class to your
app's handler's inheritance tree, like this: 

from curtain import digest
class MainHandler(digest.DigestAuthMixin, tornado.web.RequestHandler):

From there you *can* call methods from within the DigestAuthMixin class
directly, but you more than likely want to treat the digest auth
implementation as a black box. In that case, the only thing you need is: 

1. A string representing the "realm" 
2. A callback function used to grab user credentials from whatever credential
store you happen to use (LDAP, SQL, NIS, etc)

You'll pass both of these to the digest_auth decorator, and decorate whatever
methods you want protected. Here's a simplistic, contrived example: 

class MainHandler(digest.DigestAuthMixin, tornado.web.RequestHandler):
    def getcreds(uname):
        creds = {'auth_username': 'jonesy', 'auth_password': 'foobar'}
	if uname == creds['auth_username']:
	    return creds

    @digest.digest_auth('Authusers', getcreds)
    def get(self):
	self.write("Hello, World!")

In the above, my realm is "Authusers" and the function that returns the
credentials is called 'getcreds'. The DigestAuthMixin class uses this function
to grab a password for the authenticating user, which is used to determine if
the hashed auth "response" from the user is valid. 

* cleanup
* Implement proper errors and lose the 'print' statements. 
* Return 'stale=True' if nonce is stale, but hashes to a valid response.
* Testing for MD5-Sess and qop=auth-int
* Work through the rest of the RFC to catch other edge cases.