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The BKK/hack resources wiki collects links to useful learning materials for topics of interest to community members. See the list of pages in the sidebar for languages and subjects we've highlighted. Please contribute your favorites!

BKK/hack Resources

This repository (and mainly its wiki) serves to collect curated resources for learning popular technologies and programming languages, aimed especially at self-starters who are using their time at hack night meetups to try something new. There are abundant resources available on the web today, but particularly as a beginner it can be difficult to know where to start.

This is an endless work-in-progress—new learning aids and languages pop up all the time, so please contribute your favorites.

If you've got a particular language or technology in mind that you're ready to learn, find it on the right menu and see if we have pointers. If you're brand new to programming, try Learn Programming.


We welcome community members to contribute your ideas for this guide! Please ask @ches or @djay for permissions to edit the wiki, or open an issue if you have a question or a suggestion that merits discussion. Our Gitter channel is also a good place for discussions.

Thai translations of text are always a valued contribution!

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