A simple iOS game built with Sprite Kit.
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Land the Eagle

(This is the iOS version. You should also check out the Unity version.)

The success of Flappy Bird inspired me to ask the question "How fast can I build the simplest possible game I would feel proud to put on the App Store?" Land the Eagle is the result.

Land the Eagle is a simple simulation of landing a lunar module on the surface of the moon. Every time you tap, the engine on the lander thrusts, giving you a little boost. The goal is to find a flat spot to land. You have to do this before you run out of fuel. You must slow yourself down enough when you land so that you don't crash.

It took probably around 24 hours (not in a row) to make the game from scratch. It's artisanally hand-coded using Sprite Kit for iOS 7. The graphics were all either drawn by me or modified from public domain imagery from NASA. No endorsement from NASA is implied by the use of the graphics. The image of the lunar module for the icon is 2.1 MB, which is about 80 times the amount of memory in the actual lunar module pictured. The sound effects and music were all created by me in a few hours. Tools used: Xcode, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, GarageBand.

This code is licensed according to the LICENSE file in the root directory of this project. This project was an experiment, and took less than a week of my spare time, so I've decided to use a free open source license. You should feel free to use the code however you wish. However, please don't upload the game as-is to the App Store under a different name. That would just be kind of a butt-headed thing to do. Don't be a jerk. If you're going to reuse this code in an App Store app, please change the graphics and text to add some uniqueness. I hope someone will change the lander into a pterodactyl, because dinosaurs are cool.

No warrantee is intended or implied regarding the use of this code. Using this code may cause your computer to crash, brick your phone, or give you dry mouth.