The SImulation and Modeling Tool for Optical Interferometry
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The SImulation and Modeling Tool for Optical Interferometry (SIMTOI) is an open source (GPL v3) software package for simulating and modeling optical interferometric observations of complex astrophysical sources that are not easily described by analytic expressions.

NOTE SIMTOI is no longer under active development. We will; however, fix bugs when they are discovered and accept pull request that implement new features.

Installation Instructions

At present the only method of installing SIMTOI is compilation from source. Please see the instructions on the wiki for further information.

Reporting issues

If you encounter any issues with the code, or have requests for new features, please open a new ticket on the GitHub issue tracker You can also send any questions/issues to

Please try and resolve installation issues with your system administrator, as they are likely due to issues with dependencies - however, if you think you have encountered a genuine issue in the installation, please do report it.


In addition to reporting issues with the code or the documentation, code and documentation contributions/patches are welcome. Please read the following page for more details on how to contribute code.


SIMTOI includes the following libraries as part of its distribution:

SIMTOI supports, but our repositories do not include,

  • MultiNest A bayesian nested sampling minimzation engine.


SIMTOI is free software, distributed under the [GNU Lesser General Public License (Version 3)](<

If you use this software as part of a scientific publication, we request that you cite its use as follows:

Kloppenborg, B.; Baron, F. (2012) "SIMTOI: SImulation and Modeling Tool for Optical Interferometry" (Version X). Available from

Kloppenborg, B.; Baron, F. (2012), "LibOI: The OpenCL Interferometry Library" (Version X). Available from

If you use the levmar minmizer, see their instructions for including a suitable reference.

If you use the MultiNest minimizer see reference instructions on the MultiNest website