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Uses the ID3 tags to read about the artist,album and song title of the mp3 files in your computer to rename and manage them in desired directory. It also removes the duplicate mp3 files your computer. Many a times there are mp3 files in computer that are randomly named that makes it difficult to identify it. Similarly there are multiple copies of mp3 files stored with other names or in other directories. This utility scans through all drives in computer, reads ID3 tags of each mp3 file and renames it using song title and the moves it to desired location and stores it in a directory named as album name or artist name of that song.

To compile : javac -cp "m.jar"; To use it : Run cmd.bat in current directory and type run directory_name type_to_categorise_and_store(For album-1/For artist-2)

For eg: Suppose I want to store my files in D:\music directory and use album name for categorizing so I type run D:\music 1

You can read more about how I got idea to build it here

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