Proof of concept for Xcode 8 source extensions; generate a Swift init from current selection
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Generates an init based on properties of a type.

Given a simple class Employee:

class Employee {
  let name: String
  let id: Int

Employee needs an init method, which is largely boilerplate. This project includes an Xcode editor extension to generate the initializer. It matches declarations of the form:

var {name}: {Type}
let {name}: {Type}

Highlight the properties of Employee and invoke the command by selecting Editor > Generate Swift Init > Generate Swift Init From Selection. The following code will be generated:

init(name: String, id: Int) { = name = id



Clone the repository. Run the GenerateSwiftInit target on your machine. You'll likely need to update code signing information.


A developer-signed mac app is included in the GenerateSwiftInit directory. It is compatible with macOS 10.12 and Xcode 8.

  1. Download and move it to your /Applications directory.
  2. Open System Preferences > Extensions
  3. Ensure the checkbox for GenerateSwiftInit is checked
  4. Restart Xcode