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PLA (Practical Learning Analytics)

Code and resources for the Pracitcal Learning Analytics online course offered at Michigan, all in R, all in the top directory. Code is all desgined to run student record and student course tables provided. Larger pieces of code (e.g. grade.penalty.module.R) are broken into separate files. More details are given in the wiki (link on the right side). Subdirectories contain projects in developement that will likely be forked in the near future.

grade.penalty.module.R: Grade penalty analysis. Requires the optmatch package.

course.persistence.module.R: Course to course persistence.

course.pathways.treemaps.R: Given some course, create a treemap of courses taken before, during, and after students take this course.

course.pathways.barplots.R: Given some course, create a barplot of the most commonly taken courses before, during, and after this course.

student.course.csv: the student course table

student.record.csv: the student record table.


University of Michigan source code and data associated with Practical Learning Analytics course.



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