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Taste The Code Toolbox

TTC Toolbox is a collection of free and open-source tools that I’ve created as a contribution to the community for solutions to common problems I had.

All of the tools here are provided as is, free of charge and without warranty. All the code is available on GitHub and you are free to use it to run your own versions of the tools with appropriate credit to this site.

If you stumble upon any issues with using the tools please use the issue tracker on GitHub to report them. If you have suggestions for improvements or new tools then again, write them down in the issue tracker.


Below is a list of all of the tools available

YouTube Sight is an application that connects with the YouTube Analytics API to provide you with a service that can extract detailed subscribers data for your channel.

After the announcement from YouTube that they will no longer provide real-time data for subscribers count and the constatation that all of the subscribers counters built will no longer work I’ve built this gateway that once you authorize it, it gives you an API endpoint that you can call from your project and retrieve the subscriber count. Check out the examples repository for examples on how you can use it.

YouTube Latest Link is a tool that lets you generate a permanent URL to your latest video on YouTube. I built it so I can have a permanent URL on my Instagram profile that always takes people to my latest video. The tool is built as a Vue.js component with TailwindCSS. Feel free to generate and use as many links as you want.

Link Extractor is a small tool that you can copy/paste some text or HTML and it will give you an extracted list of all the links so you can copy them elsewhere. The reason why I made it is to help me extract the links from the affiliates that I use that only allow for the entire ad HTML to be copied. As they say, scratch your own itch :D


Pull requests are welcomed!

Security Vulnerabilities

For any security issues, please email me directly at All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

About Me

I’m a software developer with a passion for making and electronics. I run a YouTube channel called Taste The Code where I post new videos every week. Check out the links to my social pages to see what I do. If you like what you see, consider buying me a beer.


TTC Toolbox is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.


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