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Cookbooks for using Chef with Django on Ubuntu
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apache2 Imported the apache2 cookbook from Opscode, and adjusted it to focus …
docs How'd that Rails reference fall through the cracks?
example_project Corrected a variable in the fabfile
memcached Initial import
mysql clean Gem paths and require appropriate gems right in the recipes
openssl Added the Opscode openssl cookbook
postgresql Try restarting postgres after a pg_hba change, since reloading doesn'…
python Further revised the python recipe
supervisor Specified the supervisor cookbook for supervisor program templates
users Added known_hosts to the users cookbook, and prevented the passenger …
.gitignore Got started on docs, and split up the postgresql server and client a …
LICENSE Added a license and a README

Chef Cookbooks

A set of cookbooks to use Chef for managing configuration for Django on Ubuntu servers. Many of these cookbooks came from the Opscode repository, but they have been heavily modified. Some of the ideas came from Eric Holscher's great blog posts about using Chef with Django.

These cookbooks are designed to be used to handle everything except for the deployment, which can be handled with a separate tool like Fabric. In the future, these cookbooks will likely be updated to take advantage of Chef's deploy resource to manage the checkout of the code as well.

Read the documentation here.

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