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Bridge from Intercom to bkper, to report user segments over time
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Bridge from Intercom to bkper, written in Google Apps Script, to keep a view of user segments over time.

Once your data is recorded in your bkper book, you can auto-send periodic reports to your partners, investors, advisors, mentors and so on.

It works by taking daily snapshots of your segments counts, and storing on bkper:

BkperApp overview

The bridge creates one account for each Segment, and update its balance every day.


  • Create a script with this code
  • Setup the IntercomApp and BkperApp libraries.
  • Create a new book on bkper, and turn on the AutoPost option on book configurations.
  • On script, sets the variable BOOK_ID with the bookId of created book.
  • Sets the APP_ID and API_KEY variables with your Intercom App id and API key;
  • Test it, by run the updateSegmentAccounts and check if the accounts are created on your book
  • On "Resources > Current project's triggers", add a trigger to daily run the updateSegmentAccounts function

From now on, you will have your accounts daily updated on bkper, and you can use the Docs and Sheets add-ons to automate your reports.

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