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A curated list of awesome Solidity resources, libraries, tools and more.

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  • Discover Ethereum & Solidity - Complete course that takes you through the process of creating a decentralized Twitter clone using best practices.
  • Monax Smart Contract Tutorial - Tutorial series which begins with a very simple smart contract and teaches how to gradually increase the complexity of your contracts with relevant design patterns.
  • Solidity Workshop - Comprehensive series of tutorials covering contract-oriented programming and advanced language concepts.
  • Upgradable Contracts - Medium article on writing upgradable contracts.
  • EthereumDev.io - Complete tutorial from starting to writing complex smart contracts and DApps.
  • Learn Solidity - Complete guide on getting started, creating your own crypto, ICOs and deployment.
  • CryptoZombies - Interactive code school that teaches you to write smart contracts through building your own crypto-collectables game.
  • Hackr.io Tutorials - Community curated tutorials and courses.
  • LearnXInY - Learn Solidity in 15 mins (for experienced devs).




  • dapp-bin - Ethereum repo providing implementations for many common data structures and utilities in Solidity, Serpent and LLL.
  • dapp-scratch - CLI for generating javascript modules from Contracts for Decentralized Apps.
  • dappsys - Contract system framework for flexible multi-contract dapps.
  • DappTools - Command-line-friendly tools for blockchain development.
  • instant-dapp-ide - Complete Dapp and Solidity development environment as a docker image you can run from command line.
  • Modular Libraries - Deployed utility libraries to use in your smart contracts.
  • Smart Contracts Skeleton - Preconfigured skeleton repository for building or starting with development of Smart contracts.
  • DApp development starter - Starter repository with Docker containers for building decentralized applications with Truffle and Node.Js as backend server.
  • Solidity Collections - Collections of code snippets and utility libraries.
  • Solidity Standard Library - Standard library (Array, random, math, string).
  • sqlsol - Event-driven SQLite3 cache for syncing with smart contracts.
  • Truffle - Development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for Ethereum.
  • OpenZeppelin - Framework to build secure smart contracts.



  • solgraph - Visualize control flows for smart contract security analysis.
  • Remix - Online realtime compiler and runtime.


  • SmartCheck - Online tool for checking smart contracts for vulnerabilities and bad practices.
  • Securify - Online tool for analyzing smart contracts for vulnerabilities and insecure coding.
  • Mythril - Security analysis tool for smart contracts.
  • Manticore - Tool for analysis of binaries and smart contracts.
  • Porosity - Decompiler and security analysis tool for smart contracts.


  • Embark - Framework that allows you to easily develop and deploy DApps.


  • solc-js - JavaScript bindings for the Solidity compiler.
  • solidity-parser - Solidity parser built in JavaScript.
  • sulk - Configurable contract compilation.


  • Soltsice - Generates strongly-typed TypeScript classes for contracts from Truffle artifacts with a single command.
  • TypeChain - TypeScript bindings for Ethereum smart contracts.


  • solhint - Solidity linter that provides security, style guide and best practice rules for smart contract validation.
  • solium - Linter to identify and fix style & security issues in Solidity smart contracts.
  • sol-tester - Utilities for building, linking and testing contracts using go-ethereum and the simulated chain.
  • solidity-coverage - Code coverage tool.
  • ethrain - Gets you testnet ether without mining.
  • rpc-check - Reviews the json rpc interface from "outside".


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