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##Fireside internet radio

created by: Brad Shepard 2014

Fireside Internet Radio

Fireside Internet Radio is a project to provide personalized, streaming content to elderly patients or all people who may have difficulty using commercial media players. Instructions are provided at for how to build a headless 'radio' receiver based on Raspberry Pi. The python code in this repository can be loaded onto the PI's sd card.

I hope you can use this code as a starting point to customize a content stream for your patient or loved one.

Basic code function:

A) Internet radio streaming:

*Caregivers select a list of internet streaming channels (radio, books, news, etc.) and maintain the list on a Google Drive spreadsheet. *The player simply downloads these channel addresses and switches to these selected channels with each press of the player's headset button. *The advantage is that caregivers can select and maintain this list remotely, personalizing the content stream for the user.

B) Time, weather, personal information:

*In addition to streaming channels, the player will provide the time, weather, or other personal information at designated times (startup, shutdown, time interval, etc.) *Uses Google Speech API (text to speech), Wundeground API (weather) *Personal information can be added directly to the code...for example, patients with Alzheimers may need to hear a list of family names, relationships, etc. As another example, a list of family birthdays maintained on the Google drive spreasheet could be referenced.

C) Twitter (optional) *By setting up a Twitter account for the user, tweeted messages can be read at a set frequency. *For example, I set up a Twitter account for my grandmother (she has no idea). New tweets are read when the player is turned on. It is a great way for family and friends to send quick updates.

I would love to see social connectivity features, like Twitter capability, improved. Social connection is especially important for the elderly. If you add features, please share!

Also, if you build a player, please let me know: