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This RepRap firmware is a mashup between Sprinter, grbl and many original parts.
Derived from Sprinter and Grbl by Erik van der Zalm.
Sprinters lead developers are Kliment and caru.
Grbls lead developer is Simen Svale Skogsrud.
It has been adapted to the Ultimaker Printer by:
Bernhard Kubicek, Matthijs Keuper, Bradley Feldman, and others...
- Interrupt based movement with real linear acceleration
- High steprate
- Look ahead (Keep the speed high when possible. High cornering speed)
- Interrupt based temperature protection
- preliminary support for Matthew Roberts advance algorithm
For more info see:
- Full endstop support
- Simple LCD support (16x2)
- SD Card support
- Provisions for Bernhard Kubicek's new hardware control console and 20x4 lcd
This firmware is optimized for Ultimaker's gen6 electronics (including the Ultimaker 1.5.x daughterboard and Arduino Mega 2560).
The default baudrate is 115200.
Configuring and compilation
Install the latest arduino software IDE/toolset (currently 0022)
Install Ultimaker's RepG 25 build
(or alternatively install Kliment's printrun/pronterface
Copy the Ultimaker Marlin firmware
(Use the download button)
Start the arduino IDE.
Select Tools -> Board -> Arduino Mega 2560
Select the correct serial port in Tools ->Serial Port
Open Marlin.pde
Click the Verify/Compile button
Click the Upload button
If all goes well the firmware is uploading
Start Ultimaker's Custom RepG 25
Make sure Show Experimental Profiles is enabled in Preferences
Select Sprinter as the Driver
Press the Connect button.
KNOWN ISSUES: RepG will display: Unknown: marlin x.y.z
That's ok. Enjoy Silky Smooth Printing.