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#include <QWidget>
#include <fstream>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <QList>
#include <QTime>
#include <QVector>
class MyThread;
class QwtPlotCurve;
class QwtPlot;
class QStatusBar;
class QCheckBox;
class QTreeWidget;
class QTreeWidgetItem;
class QTabWidget;
class QPushButton;
class QLineEdit;
class QLabel;
enum Curves {hotend1=0,bed=1,hotend2=2,heater=3};
class TabPID : public QWidget
TabPID(QWidget *parent = 0);
void addData(float t1,float b,float t2,float h);
void startTime();
void calculatePeriodicity();
QwtPlotCurve *curve[4] ;
QwtPlot *tempPlot,*heaterPlot;
QPushButton *clear;
QLineEdit *temp[3];
QLineEdit *pids[4];
QVector<double> time;
QVector<double> value_hotend1,value_hotend2,value_bed,value_heater;
QVector<double> target_hotend1,target_hotend2,target_bed;
QTime starttime;
QCheckBox *differential,*monitor;
QPushButton *btClear, *btPeriod, *btSet,*btLoad;
QLabel *lPeriod,*lAmp,*lAmpPrevious,*lAmpRatio;
QLineEdit *ePeriod,*eCriticalGain;
QCheckBox *cbZieglerDif;
public slots:
//void setWasRead();
//void quit();
void clearClicked();
void periodClicked();
void setClicked();
void pidChanged();
QPushButton *test;
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