Rhythmbox plugin to show a 'Jump to' window when a hotkey is pressed
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            Copyright 2012 Beat Küng <beat-kueng@gmx.net>

JumpToWindow is a Rhythmbox plugin which shows a 'Jump to' window when a certain
hotkey is pressed. It allows to fast selecting a song from the currently playing
source (without having to use the mouse).
It's very similar to the 'Jump to File' feature in Winamp, including the ability
to enqueue a song.

Note: This plugin requires Rhythmbox 3.0 or newer. For older versions use 
git tag v0.95 (git checkout v0.95)


	1) Run make install
	   Or copy the content of this folder to the directory
	   (If this directory doesn't exist, create it!)
	2) install packages 'python3-dbus' (eg yum install python3-dbus)

	3) Install a global hotkey that executes the script

	   - For gnome go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Add
	   - Or you can use the window manager independant package 'xbindkeys'

	4) Enable the plugin in Rhythmbox under 'Edit > Plugins'

	5) You probably have to lower the focus prevention level in your window
	   manager, that the Jump to window gets the focus, when the hotkey is

Keyboard usage

	- Enter to play the selected song & hide the window
	- Alt+Enter to enqueue the selected song
	- Esc to hide the window
	- Up/Down arrow to select the previous/next item
	  pressing Space repeatedly also selects the next item
	  (Shift+Space for previous item)
	- Shift + F: scroll one page down
	- Shift + B: scroll one page up


if you have any improvements or suggestions you are welcome to 
implement them and/or contact me