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Rhythmbox plugin to show a 'Jump to' window when a hotkey is pressed

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            Copyright 2012 Beat Küng <>

JumpToWindow is a Rhythmbox plugin which shows a 'Jump to' window when a certain
hotkey is pressed. It allows to fast selecting a song from the currently playing
source (without having to use the mouse).
It's very similar to the 'Jump to File' feature in Winamp, including the ability
to enqueue a song.


	1) Run make install
	   Or copy the content of this folder to the directory
	   (If this directory doesn't exist, create it!)

	2) Install a global hotkey that executes the script

	   - For gnome go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Add
	   - Or you can use the window manager independant package 'xbindkeys'

	3) Enable the plugin in Rhythmbox under 'Edit > Plugins'

	4) You probably have to lower the focus prevention level in your window
	   manager, that the Jump to window gets the focus, when the hotkey is

Keyboard usage

	- Enter to play the selected song & hide the window
	- Alt+Enter to enqueue the selected song
	- Esc to hide the window
	- Up/Down arrow to select the previous/next item
	  pressing Space repeatedly also selects the next item
	  (Shift+Space for previous item)
	- Shift + F: scroll one page down
	- Shift + B: scroll one page up


if you have any improvements or suggestions you are welcome to 
implement them and/or contact me

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