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  • Added new Heroku account creation, switching, and deletion.

  • Added SSH identity creation.

  • Added SSH config entry management for creation and deletion.

  • Added 'heroku run' when calling rake commands.

  • Added Guard support for development.

  • Upgraded to Heroku 2.28.x. You'll need to be using Heroku 2.28 or higher.

  • This release is NOT compabitle with previos releases. See README for further details.


  • Added -nfs options when symbolic linking files.

  • Updated Thor dependency to 0.x.x.

  • Updated Thor+ dependency to 0.x.x.

  • Updated Heroku dependency to 2.x.x.


  • Added Travis CI support.

  • Added the spec/tmp dir to .gitignore.

  • Added Ruby encoding to binary.

  • Switched gemspecs to listing files via Ruby code rather than shelling out to Git.

  • Removed the packaging of test files.


  • Fixed bug with args, options, config not being passed to super during CLI initialization.

  • Applied Gemsmith spec updates to README.

  • Cleaned up the RSpec suite.

  • Upgraded to Thor+ 0.2.0 and removed the load_settings and save_settings methods.


  • Switched to Ruby 1.9 syntax.

  • Applied updated Gemsmith specs.

  • Upgraded to the Thor+ gem and applied related enhancements.

  • Removed periods from account name output.


  • Fixed bug with simple database imports where dropping and recreating the database was not part of the process.

  • Removed the unused namespace placeholder.

  • Renamed the database_settings method to load_database_settings.

  • Changed /latest.dump to be /db/archive.dump (matched DB gem behavior now).

  • Added the db -t option for transferring a database backup from one app to another.


  • Fixed stack dump with backing up, destroying, and switching accounts.

  • Set the default mode to “stage” when mode switching and no argument is supplied.

  • Added Current Account Files header to hp -a -f command.

  • Removed redundant use of specialized console output and replaced with Thor actions instead.

  • Added the -e (edit) option for easily tweaking settings via default editor.

  • Added the db –reset option, default options for PostgreSQL restore, and removed excess db restore options that were not necessary.


  • Fixed bug with default settings not loading when heroku_plus.yml settings file is missing.

  • Added the a new database import mode (i.e. db -I) that does a full backup, import, and migration of the remote to local database.

  • Added current mode to print when displaying available modes.

  • Added a new account files option (i.e. -a -f) for listing current account file information.

  • Removed credential and SSH file information from account info.

  • Upgraded Heroku gem requirements to version 2.0.0 and greater.

  • Renamed the suppress_switch_warnings setting to skip_switch_warnings.


  • Fixed description display with command options.

  • Fixed the Ruby version requirement (namely Ruby 1.8.7) so that it is no longer required.

  • Added account switching warnings - You can suppress these warnings via the heroku_plus.yml settings (see README).

  • Added printing of current account information after switching modes.

  • Added printing of current account information after switching accounts.

  • Added graceful capture for bad URI exception when attempting to import a backup database that doesn't exist.

  • Moved mode management to a first level option (i.e. mode, -m). The original migrate (-m) option is now a sub-option of db.

  • Added the ability to pass a new mode to the mode (-m) option. Optional, of course. Defaults to listing available modes.

  • Cleaned up sub-option descriptions.


  • Refactored the gem to use Thor instead of OptionParser for command line option parsing.

  • All account specific commands have been become options of the “account” option. Type “hp help account” for usage.

  • All database specific commands have been become options of “db” option. Type “hp help db” for usage.


  • Fixed bug with not being able to wrap complex commands in quotes for passing to Heroku (i.e. -p).

  • Fixed version requirements for Heroku 1.x.x gem.

  • Added the -c, –console option for opening the remote console.

  • Added the -r, –restart option for restarting the remote server.

  • Added the -M, –mode option for changing mode of current app.

  • Added the -I, –import option for importing the latest remote data into local database.

  • Renamed the -b option to -B.

  • Renamed the -d option to -D.

  • Renamed the key “current_mode” to “mode” for the heroku_plus.yml settings file.


  • Updated the README.

  • Switched to Bundler for building/packing of gem.

  • Fixed stack dump when obtaining git config app information.

  • Added soft version requirements for Ruby 1.8.7.

  • Added soft version requirements for Heroku 1.0.0.

  • Renamed the “herokup” command to “hp”.

  • Renamed the settings.yml file to heroku_plus.yml.

  • Renamed the “ssh_identity” key to “ssh_id” in the heroku_plus.yml file.

  • Added the “current_mode” key to the heroku_plus.yml file. Defaults to “stage”.


  • Improved error messaging for files that do not exist.

  • Clarified the difference between the error messages displayed when switching SSH identities versus switching Heroku account credentials.

  • Clarified source and README documentation.

  • Renamed the -a option to -i (i.e. info) instead.

  • Added printing of SSH private and public identity paths (to further clarify what is being used) when using the the -i option.

  • Prominently display the current account when displaying all account information via the -i option.

  • Added the -b option so one can easily backup an existing Heroku credentials and SSH identity.

  • Added the -d option so one can easily destroy an existing Heroku account (i.e. credentials and SSH identity)

  • Added the -l option so one can easily list all existing Heroku accounts.

  • Removed the ability to configure the Heroku credentials file name via the settings.yml since you can't configure this via the Heroku gem anyway.


  • Initial version.

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