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  • Replaced the class_inheritable_reader and write_inheritable_attribute methods with the class_attribute method.

  • Upgraded to Rails 3.1.

  • Switched to sqlite3 in-memory database for testing.

  • Added Ruby 1.9 requirements to the README.

  • Added the spec/tmp dir to .gitignore.

  • Added Travis CI support.

  • Applied Gemsmith updates to README.


  • Applied Gemsmith spec updates.

  • Applied Ruby 1.9 syntax changes.

  • Added Ruby 1.9 requirements.


  • Fixed Ruby warnings with symbol to proc method calls.

  • Switched to Bundler for building/packing of gem.

  • Updated README to support Rails 3.0.0.

  • Refactored the code to use the Closure Table instead of the Nested Set pattern.

  • Updated the README.

  • Upgraded to Gemsmith specifications.

  • Added automatic construction of branch model associations.

  • Removed the unused namespace placeholder.

  • Removed Ruby 1.8.7 requirements.


  • Initial version.

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