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@@ -1,12 +1,23 @@
-= vx.x.x (master)
+= v0.2.0 (master)
* Fixed bug with method_missing and respond_to? methods. Methods are dynamically defined for translated attributes (white list) instead.
+* Removed the Ruby 1.8.7 requirements and switched to Ruby 1.9.
+* Applied Ruby 1.9 syntax changes.
* Added default and current translation instance methods to classes that are translatable.
* Added default, current, and computed translation instance methods to the TranslationKey class.
* Added associated parent updates once a translation is updated.
* Added the TextRenderer models so one can define how translations should be rendered.
* Changed view helper behavior so that translations are computed for current and then default translation.
* Updated translatable classes to attempt to find the current translation and then default translation.
+* Changed available languages to enabled languages for the Backend module and renamed the language_codes method to codes.
+* Applied Gemsmith spec updates.
+* Removed the unused namespace placeholder.
+* Removed reference to translation image.
+* Temporarily disabled marking translations when enabled to translate.
+* Renamed all templates with a .tmp suffix.
+* Modified the backend code so that it is not necessary to have the Language class load (this is a temp fix to issues with rake tasks in Ruby 1.9).
+* Added the default method to the Language class template.
+* Added the outdated_translations and completeness methods to the language class.
= v0.1.0
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
module Linguist
- VERSION = "0.1.17"
+ VERSION = "0.2.0"

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