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  • Upgraded the OmniFocus installer.

  • Upgraded the Firefox installer.

  • Upgraded OmniGraffle installer.

  • Upgraded Skype installer.

  • Upgraded to TextExpander 4.0 and moved installer from App Store to automated script install.

  • Upgraded to Sublime Text 2, Version 2.0.

  • Added the Namebench install.

  • Added CheatSheet to the App Store README list.

  • Added Cobook to the App Store README list.

  • Added JSON pretty print installer via HomeBrew.

  • Added AquaPath app to README.

  • Cleaned up the README.


  • Fixed PostgreSQL install steps.

  • Fixed Redis install steps.

  • Fixed the Air Display download.

  • Fixed README typo and extra forward slash in VLC URL.

  • Fixed iTerm file type and switched to iTerm beta download.

  • Fixed work path for install_tar_app function.

  • Fixed mount points and quoted them to account for paths with spaces.

  • Fixed mention of in README.

  • Upgraded to Ruby 1.9.3-p194.

  • Added rbenv rehash after default Ruby global setup.

  • Switched to sourcing the ~/.bashrc script after the dotfiles project install.

  • Added Sublime Text 2 setup for the CLI.

  • Updated the Redis version.

  • Added the Doxie installer.

  • Added the Caffeine install since it appears to no longer be provided via the App Store.

  • Added Homebrew formulas to README.

  • Added the list of apps and post-install steps to the README.

  • Removed tar install verbosity.

  • Removed duplicate ExpanDrive install.

  • Added no finder reveal option to hdiutil attach.

  • Removed the brew bash installer.

  • Removed the GCC installer and added requirements for Xcode and Xcode command line tools.

  • Removed Growl Notify formula since it no longer exists.

  • Added bash functions for downloading and installing packages.

  • Added install instructions for software that isn't in the App Store to the README.

  • Added more OSX defaults and credited Mathias Bynens for his work in the README.


  • Initial version.

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