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A template for bootstrapping new Rails projects with advanced functionality.
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Bootstraps a Ruby on Rails project beyond what you get with default project generation (i.e. rails new ). Best applied when creating a new Ruby on Rails application.


The following highlights what is applied with this template:


  1. A UNIX-based system.
  2. Ruby 2.2.x.
  3. Ruby on Rails 4.2.x.
  4. A solid internet connection.


Open a terminal window and execute one the following command lines depending on your version preference:

Current Version (stable):

rails new demo -d sqlite3 -T -f --skip-bundle -m

Master Version (unstable):

rails new demo -d sqlite3 -T -f --skip-bundle -m

Here is what each option is doing and why:

-d: Specifies the SQLite3 database for quick and easy setup.
-T: Skips setting up Test::Unit files since RSpec is what we want.
-f: Forces overwrite of any existing files so the template is not interrupted during setup.
--skip-bundle: Skips running "bundle install" since the template does this for you at appropriate time of setup.
-m: The template file to execute.

TIP: You can reduce unnecessary typing with new app generation by adding the new rails options, listed above, to your .railsrc file. Any options in the .railsrc file will be applied with each new app generation.


After the template has been applied, you'll want to tweak the following files:

  • config/initializers/system.rb = Replace with your own info.
  • public/apple-touch-icon-114x114.png = Replace with your own custom image.
  • public/apple-touch-icon.png = Replace with your own custom image.
  • public/favicon.ico = Replace with your own custom icon.
  • public/humans.txt = Replace with your own info.


Read Semantic Versioning for details. Briefly, it means:

  • Patch (x.y.Z) - Incremented for small, backwards compatible bug fixes.
  • Minor (x.Y.z) - Incremented for new, backwards compatible public API enhancements and/or bug fixes.
  • Major (X.y.z) - Incremented for any backwards incompatible public API changes.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a CODE OF CONDUCT. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


Read CONTRIBUTING for details.


Copyright (c) 2010 Alchemists. Read the LICENSE for details.


Read the CHANGELOG for details. Built with Gemsmith.


Developed by Brooke Kuhlmann at Alchemists

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