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Thanks for taking an interest in this open source project. Your support and involvement is greatly appreciated. The following details what you need to know in order to contribute back.


  • Document the code - Explain the intent/purpose along with usage examples (where appropriate).
  • Write tests that demonstration passing and failing requirements.
  • Use two spaces, no tabs for indentation.
  • Remove trailing whitespace.
  • Remove spaces from blank lines.
  • Write methods as "example_method example_params", not "example_method(example_params)" for one-liners.
  • Write methods as "outer_method inner_method(example_params)" for nested method calls.
  • Use &&/|| instead of and/or where appropriate.
  • Define a = b instead of a=b.
  • In the end, follow the conventions found in the source code.
  • Use common sense, keep it simple.

Contributing Code (awesome option)

  1. Fork the repository (master branch).
  2. Ensure there are no setup issues (see README for details).
  3. Run the tests (see README for details).
  4. Add tests for new functionality (refactoring and documentation changes can be excluded).
  5. Ensure all tests pass.
  6. Push your fork and submit a pull request.

Contributing Issues (lazy, but sometimes necessary, option)

  1. Submit an issue via the GitHub Issues tab (assuming one does not already exist).
  2. Clearly describe the issue (including steps to reproduce).
  3. Specify your enviroment setup (OS, browser, language, etc. with version info).
  4. Provide a stack dump (if possible).
  5. Explain any additional details that might help diagnose the problem quickly.


Expect a response with one to three business days (normally responses are faster than mentioned). Changes, alternatives, and/or improvements might be suggested upon review.


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