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You can install it using pip:

  pip install dropbox==1.5.1

Setup is the shell script that makes use of pg_dump to get the compressed backup of the database, is the Python script that uploads the database to the Dropbox folder,

client_secrets.json stores the credentials including app_key, app_secret, access_key and access_secret.

You need to provide the DB_Username and DB_Name in

Dropbox Setup

Follow these steps to setup the Dropbox app:

  1. You will need to create a Dropbox app, to get the App_key and App_Secret. You can create it here. (select the App Type as Core and select the Permission type as Full Dropbox)

  2. Once the app is successfully created, Dropbox will provide you the app_key and app_secret. Then provide this app_key and app_secret in client_secrets.json (please do not share your App_Key and App_Secret publicly).

  3. Then run the, it will generate an authentication link which you will need to open in your web browser. Press the Allow button, and hit Enter in the shell.

  4. It will then print the access_key and the access_secret, that you will need to provide in the client_secrets.json

And you are done with the Dropbox setup.

Cron Setup

After that, you can setup a Cron job that will execute the everyday and get your Database backup in your Dropbox folder.

The scripts all yours under creative commons license :)


Using Dropbox as your storage space for DB backups



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