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Running the test suite

$ git clone <git url>
$ cd <clone dir>
$ npm install -d
$ npm test

Running an individual test

% ./node_modules/.bin/jasmine-node spec/drone-stream.spec.js


Any help with making this module better is greatly appreciated. Especially the following areas need some love:

  • tweak fferserver.conf settings and ffmpeg arguments for less latency and/or less cpu consumption

  • make the whole chain of TcpVideoStream -> Parser -> ffmpeg -> ffserver more resilient (in descending order of priority);

    • handle timeouts from tcpVideoStream

    • handle errors from PaVEParser (invalid signature, search forward for next)

    • handle unexpected exits from ffmpeg and restart

    • handle ffserver exits

Merging your improvements will be much smoother if you create a separate branch for every selfcontained feature and issue a pullreq from there.