Launch Explorer shell context menu from commandline for any file or directory.
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w32context v0.1 (2009-10-14)

What is it?

w32context.exe is small utility to programatically trigger the Window Explorer
shell context menu for any given file or folder. The popup menu is positioned
accordingly to the mouse cursor so you can either invoke commands using the
mouse directly or using the keyboard (shortcuts are supported).

Why did you write this?

The motivation behind this project was to be able to trigger the Explorer shell
context menu from inside Emacs for a given file or while browsing the file
system. You can easily access all the normal tools associated with a certain
file from without having to leave the comform of Emacs.

How do I use it?

There is some elisp code included in the distrubtion which shows how one can
intergrate this tool with Emacs to support right clicking in dired buffers as
well as invoking the context menu from file buffers using the keyboard.

License restrictions?

This project is donated to the the public domain where applicable or under the
BSD license where not.

Babar k. Zafar (