Small python scripts to monitor in real-time bandwidth usage on one network interface. Uses tcpdump to capture packets. Displays bw consumption for each network peer. Can also filter by process (e.g. group all webserver clients together under the name of the webserver program). SSH sessions are filtered (i.e. display "sshd: [username]" instead o…
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To run, create a file ~/quileecherc.
Each line in this file can define value for one of those keys :
- hostname : the local hostname (as of the interface you'll listen on)
- ssh_no_users : a comma-separated list (without spaces) of directories in /home that MUSTN'T appear in the sshd filter
- default_filters : a comma-separated list (without spaces) of program names to filter
Syntax to assign values to a key is :
key = value
Spaces around key and values are optional.
No comment, no empty line in the rc file.
To install, just drop the scripts in a safe place (e.g. /usr/local) and symlink anywhere in the $PATH.