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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Module to pseudo-parse blast result files"""
executable = False
# Assume that line is :
# Fields: Query id, Subject id, % identity, alignment length, mismatches,
# gap openings, q. start, q. end, s. start, s. end, e-value, bit score
BlastFields = ('Query id', 'Subject id', '% identity', 'alignment length',
'mismatches', 'gap openings', 'q. start', 'q. end', 's. start',
's. end', 'e-value', 'bit score')
def split_blast_line(line):
bf = filter(lambda x: len(x) > 0, line.strip().split('\t'))
if len(bf) != len(BlastFields):
raise Exception("error at line \"" + line + "\"")
return bf
def parse_blast_line(line):
if line.startswith("#"):
return None
return dict(zip(BlastFields, split_blast_line(line)))
def extract_blast_fields(line, *fields):
bf = split_blast_line(line)
ret = []
for f in fields:
return ret
def read_blast(blast, filt, pp):
f = open(blast)
for l in f.xreadlines():
if not l.startswith('#') and filt(l):
# BLASTN 2.2.20 [Feb-08-2009]# Query: F2D1W4Z01DHZ76
# Database: genbank_phage 172
# Fields: Query id, Subject id, % identity, alignment length, mismatches,
# gap openings, q. start, q. end, s. start, s. end, e-value, bit score
class result(object):
def __init__(self):
#dict.__init__(self) = []
self.version = None
self.query = None
self.fields = None
self.database = None
def headers(self, reformat=None, field_list=None):
flst = ', '.join(field_list or self.fields)
if reformat is True:
return ('# ' + self.version + '# Query: ' + self.query +
'\n# Database: ' + self.database + '\n# Fields: ' + flst)
elif type(reformat) is str:
hdr = {'Version': self.version, 'Query': self.query,
'Database': self.database, 'Fields': flst}
parts = [x.split('}') for x in reformat.split('{')]
ret = []
for p in parts:
if len(p) == 2:
return ''.join(ret)
return ""
def __str__(self):
return (self.headers() + '\n' +
'\n'.join(('\t'.join(r) for r in
def __repr__(self):
return "<%s result (%s @ %s), %i rows>" % (self.version,
class row(list):
def __init__(self, fields, data):
list.__init__(self, data)
self.fields = dict((k, i) for i, k in enumerate(fields))
self.fields.update(dict((i, i) for i in xrange(len(fields))))
def __call__(self, k):
return self[self.fields[k]]
def format(self, fmt):
parts = [x.split('}') for x in fmt.split('{')]
ret = []
for p in parts:
if len(p) == 2:
return ''.join(ret)
def add_row(self, data):, data))
def format(self, headers=False, fmt=None):
ret = [self.headers(reformat=headers or "",
field_list=type(fmt) is list and fmt or None)]
if fmt is None:
fmt_row = lambda r: '\t'.join(r)
elif type(fmt) is list:
fmt_row = lambda r: '\t'.join((r(x) for x in fmt))
elif type(fmt) is str:
fmt_row = lambda r: r.format(fmt)
for r in
return '\n'.join(ret)
def parse_file(f):
results = []
edit = None
for l in (type(f) is str and open(f) or f).xreadlines():
if l.startswith('#'):
for piece in (p.strip() for p in l.split('#') if len(p) > 0):
first = piece.split(' ')[0].lower()
#if piece.startswith('BLA'): # could be BLAT, BLASTN...
if first in ('blast', 'blastx', 'blastn', 'blastp', 'blastpgp',
'tblast', 'tblastx', 'tblastn', 'megablast',
if edit is not None:
edit = result()
edit.version = piece
elif piece.startswith('Query'):
edit.query = piece[7:]
elif piece.startswith('Database'):
edit.database = piece[10:]
elif piece.startswith('Fields'):
edit.fields = [fld.strip() for fld in piece[8:].split(',')]
edit.add_row([field.strip() for field in l.strip().split('\t')])
if edit is not None:
return results