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#!/usr/bin/env python
import fasta
import os
import sys
fcount = 0
ftotal = 0
def extract(filename):
global fcount, ftotal
fcount += 1
#print "\r%i/%i" % (fcount, ftotal),
print "%i/%i" % (fcount, ftotal),
exti = filename.rfind('.')
ext = filename[exti:]
path, query = os.path.split(filename[:exti])
fhits = fasta.read_from(filename)
print filename, exti, ext, path, query
if query in fhits:
fquery = fasta.Fasta()
fhits.save_to(os.path.join(path, query + '-hits' + ext))
fquery.save_to(os.path.join(path, query + '-query' + ext))
if __name__ == '__main__':
args = sys.argv[1:]
if args[0] in ('-h', '--help'):
print "Usage:"
print sys.argv[0], "[-h,--help] [-w fasta_width] fasta_file..."
if args[0] == '-w':
fasta.WIDTH = int(args[1])
args = args[2:]
print "Extracting queries from", len(args), "files..."
ftotal = len(args)
map(extract, args)
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