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* What is a Parser ?
* Purpose
* Typical compilation chain
text -[parser]-> parse tree -[precompiler]-> AST -[compiler]-> binary code
* Grammar
* Recursive parsing
* Parse Tree
* Limitations of BNF grammar
* validation-oriented tokenization
* resulting parse tree uncompatible with compiler input
* structure depth
* unclear
* Parse Tree vs. AST
* Quick analysis of differences between Parse Tree and Abstract Syntax Tree
* PT = deep structure, implicit semantics
* AST = explicit semantics, terminal tokens stripped (terminal tokens are the separators of the parsed language, they contain no information)
From the compiler point of view, AST is a noise-free representation of source code.
* Evolving from PT to AST
* PTs and ASTs are very close structures
* partial flattenning of structure
-> not all rules should create their node
- operator rules create a sub-tree
- transient rules
* node tagging
* Modifying BNF grammar to generate a useable AST
- partially flatten structure
-> consider two rule definition semantics :
operator_rule_name ::= <rule_expression> .
transient_rule_name = <rule_expression> .
- tag nodes
-> using operator rules names
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