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Gtk# is a Mono/.NET binding to the cross platform Gtk+ GUI toolkit and the foundation of most GUI apps built with Mono

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The Gtk# website can be found at:

Gtk# is a .NET language binding for the GTK+ toolkit and assorted GNOME
libraries.  Gtk# is free software, licensed under the GNU LGPL.  The target
is the 2.6 platform.

Building & Installing Gtk#:

    The build is the traditional:

        make install

    You may want to consider using configure's prefix option to install
    Gtk# using the same prefix as Mono.  That way all of your .NET assemblies
    get placed in the same place, and you don't need to do any extra "configuring"
    to make it so mono (and mint) can find your assemblies.  In other words,
    doing something like:

        ./configure --prefix=/the/path/that/was/used/for/mono
        make install

    (Of course, replace "/the/path/that/was/used/for/mono" with whatever path
    which was used for Mono.  This might have been "/usr", "/usr/local", or
    something similar.)

    If you are compiling from SVN, you will need libtool and the auto* tools
    and will need to replace the configure above with

Discussion & Support:

    A mailing list for Gtk# discussion is available.

    You can subscribe to the mailing list by visiting:

    And following the instructions (on that page) to subscribe.
    Messages are posted on this mailing list by sending them to:

    (The mailing list requires you to subscribe in order to post

    An archive of this mailing list can be found at:

    Further, a Wiki is available for Gtk#, and can be found at:

    Also, people can get help with and discuss Gtk# on IRC via the
    #mono channel on the IRC server.

    People looking for general help with C# should visit the
    #c# channel on IRC server.


    For developers wishing to "get started" with Gtk#, they are encouraged
    to read the Mono Hand Book:

    In the Mono Hand Book, Chapter 21 is on Gtk#.  (In the Mono Hand Book,
    the Gtk# .NET bindings are refered to as GNOME.NET.)


    For those who wish to help with the development of Gtk#, they should
    read the file named: HACKING.

    Also, anyone wishing to hack Gtk# is encouraged to join the Gtk#
    mailing list.  And to visit the #mono IRC channel (on
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