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pygene simple genetic algorithms and genetic programming library
for python that is easy to use and understand with multiple 
working out-of-the-box examples.

This is your chance to play God:
- You design the genome of a species.
- You implement a fitness calculation procedure for members of that species.
- You create a population of that species, then sit back as members 
  of the species indulge their promiscuous desires.
- A given organism's chance of getting laid is proportional
  to its fitness.
- Watch as your population evolves closer and closer to perfection, or converges 
  to something reasonably close to it.

Installation for python3 is possible from the PIP:
pip3 install pygene3


To get your nice HTML doco, type:


There are some examples in the examples and examples3 directory, including:
 - Travelling Salesman Problem (console and graphical versions)
 - simple converger
 - string guesser
 - function deriver (genetic programming)

Examples will import the pygene from local linked directory. On Windows
you might need to copy the directory or use globally installed pygene.