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Linkage disequilibrium analysis of B cell sequences
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Analysis of linkage disequilibrium for Dale et al 2019

These scripts and data produce Figure 2 K-P.

Citation: Dale GA, Wilkins DJ, Bohannon CD, Dilernia D, Hunter E, Bedford T, Antia R, Sanz I, Jacob J. 2019. Clustered mutations at the murine and human IgH locus exhibit significant linkage consistent with templated mutagenesis. J Immunol: ji1801615.

Generate LD statistics

Generate R^2 LD statistics for each dataset by running the script as:

python2 --dataset rPA_day_8
python2 --dataset rPA_day_16
python2 --dataset rHA_day_16
python2 --dataset tas2016
python2 --dataset rabbit
python2 --dataset chicken

This takes FASTA alignments from the fastas/ directory and populates TSV files into the rsq_tables/ directory. These have the headers isotype, gene, distance, rsq, where each row represents a specific allelic comparison. I've versioned rsq_tables/rPA_day_8.tsv, etc... for convenience.

This script is currently Python 2 compatible only.

Plot scatterplots

These TSV files are plotted using the supplied ld-plotting.nb Mathematica notebook resulting in figures/ld_plots.png.

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