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Add curonia notebook for making animations.

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evogytis committed Dec 7, 2017
1 parent 3530b30 commit 31f66f8bd9e7822a4c80c22d08dcbc1ea132edcb
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@@ -379,12 +379,16 @@ def drawTree(self,order=None,verbose=False):
for k in [x for x in self.Objects if x.index not in drawn]: ## iterate through objects that have not been drawn
if k.branchType=='leaf': ## if leaf - get position of leaf, draw branch connecting tip to parent node
if verbose==True:
print 'Setting leaf %s coordinates'%(k.index)
print 'Setting leaf %s y coordinate to'%(k.index),
x=k.height ## x position is height
y_idx=name_order.index(k.numName) ## y position of leaf is given by the order in which tips were visited during the traversal
y=sum(skips[y_idx:]) ## sum across skips to find y position
if isinstance(k,clade): ## if dealing with collapsed clade - adjust y position to be in the middle of the skip
if verbose==True:
print '%s'%(y)
if isinstance(k,clade) and skips[y_idx]>1: ## if dealing with collapsed clade - adjust y position to be in the middle of the skip
if verbose==True:
print 'adjusting clade y position to %s'%(y)
k.x=x ## set x and y coordinates
drawn.append(k.index) ## remember that this objects has been drawn
@@ -547,7 +551,7 @@ def collapseSubtree(self,cl,givenName,verbose=False,widthFunction=lambda x:x):
if verbose==True:
print 'Replacing node %s (parent %s) with a clade class'%(cl.index,cl.parent.index)
@@ -818,6 +822,9 @@ def reduceTree(self,keep):
return reduced_tree ## return new tree
def countLineages(self,t,condition=lambda x:True):
return len([k for k in self.Objects if k.parent.absoluteTime<t<=k.absoluteTime and condition(k)])
def make_tree(data,ll,verbose=False):
data is a tree string, ll (LL) is an instance of a tree object
@@ -1028,7 +1035,7 @@ def loadNexus(tree_path,tip_regex='\|([0-9]+\-[0-9]+\-[0-9]+)',date_fmt='%Y-%m-%
return ll
def loadJSON(tree_path,json_translation,json_meta=None,verbose=False,sort=True,stats=True):
def loadJSON(tree_path,json_translation={'name':'strain','height':'tvalue'},json_meta=None,verbose=False,sort=True,stats=True):
assert json_translation.has_key('name') and json_translation.has_key('height'),'JSON translation dictionary missing entries: %s'%(', '.join([entry for entry in ['name','height'] if json_translation.has_key(entry)==False]))
if verbose==True:
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