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[`galindia.ipynb`](galindia.ipynb) is a work in progress that uses baltic to plot JSONs from []( in order to allow customisable, static, publication-ready figures for phylogenies coming from nextstrain's augur pipeline.
## curonia
<img src="figures/coa_curonia.jpg" width=200px>
[`curonia.ipynb`](curonia.ipynb) generalises the [notebook]( used to animate the [spread of Ebola virus in West Africa]( This notebook should require minimal manual editing to produce similarly styled animation of other study systems.
## baltic was used in the following publications:
- Dudas G, Carvalho L, Rambaut A, Bedford T. _MERS-CoV spillover at the camel-human interface_, 2017. __bioRxiv__ 173211; doi:

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