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Configuration files for my computer
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My dotfiles are organized by what I think they affect. As of right now, those categories are:

  • cli - Anything that affects my shell.¹
  • graphics - Anything that affects how things display on my monitor.
  • interface - Anything that affects how I interact with programs on my computer.
  • music - Anything relating to music players and clients.

All of my dotfiles are set up like that because I think it makes it really simple to know what to change when there's an issue, and I think the directory structure looks pretty. The install script still gets everything put back where it belongs in your home directory or in your config folder, so no wirres about having to set anything up there.

¹.fehbg is included, as it's really just a command, you feel me?

To use what I'm using, just clone my repository and run the installation script, you should be good to go!

Feel free to just use this as a starting point for your own dotfiles, or do anything with it. I mostly made this just to get mine in check but anyone actually looking to it for inspiration or anything would make my day. :)

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