LuaJIT FFI binding for OpenBSD bcrypt (only usable on OpenBSD)
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A thin Lua wrapper around the OpenBSD implementation of bcrypt. Note that it will NOT run on other operating systems.


OpenBSD, LuaJIT (the one bundled with OpenResty will do).


local bcrypt = require("bcrypt")

-- generate a salt and pass it to digest
local salt = bcrypt.salt(5)
local digest = bcrypt.digest("password", salt)

assert(bcrypt.verify("password", digest))

-- pass number of rounds for salt generation instead of salt
local digest = bcrypt.digest("password", 5)

assert(bcrypt.verify("password", digest))

-- pass only key without salt, salt will automatically be generated in 5 rounds and used
local digest = bcrypt.digest("password")

assert(bcrypt.verify("password", digest))