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#!/usr/bin/env python2
## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from triton import *
from ast import *
from pintool import *
snapshot_done = False
argv1 = 0
symVarConstraints = []
def superAnd(constraints):
pathConstraints_and = ast.equal(bvtrue(), bvtrue())
for i in range(len(constraints)):
pathConstraints_and =, constraints[i])
return (pathConstraints_and)
def model2string(model):
s = str()
for i in range(PASSWORD_SIZE):
try :s += chr(model[i].getValue())
except: pass
return s
def inject(address, data):
for index, char in enumerate(data):
setCurrentMemoryValue(address + index, ord(char))
def static_vars(**kwargs):
def decorate(func):
for k in kwargs:
setattr(func, k, kwargs[k])
return func
return decorate
ENTRY = 0x4005b6
# basic blocks to avoid (reflecting password errors)
avoid = [ 0x40070c, 0x40071f, 0x40073c, 0x400755, 0x400774, 0x400793, 0x4007af, 0x4007d3, 0x40081b, 0x400853, 0x400878, 0x4008b9, 0x400952]
# basic blocks to take (reflecting password match)
take = [0x4007f7, 0x4008fa]
@static_vars(last_injected = "", numMandatoryPaths = 0)
def before_symproc(instruction):
pathConstraints = []
ins_addr = instruction.getAddress()
if ins_addr in take:
before_symproc.numMandatoryPaths = before_symproc.numMandatoryPaths + 1
if (ins_addr in avoid) or\
((ins_addr == 0x4007fb) and (before_symproc.numMandatoryPaths != 1)) or\
((ins_addr == 0x4008fe) and (before_symproc.numMandatoryPaths !=2) ):
before_symproc.numMandatoryPaths = 0
print "[+] Wrong password"
pco = getPathConstraints()
for pc in pco:
if pc.isMultipleBranches():
for branch in pc.getBranchConstraints():
# filter out branch constraints which lead to addresses we want
# to avoid
if branch['dstAddr'] in avoid:
# force taking mandatory branches
if branch['dstAddr'] in take:
# Get a model that will not go through previous bad password basic
# blocks and verifiying that all inputs are printable (see symVarConstraints
# creation)
full_constraint = superAnd(symVarConstraints + pathConstraints)
model = getModel(ast.assert_(full_constraint))
string = model2string(model)
before_symproc.last_injected = string
print "[+] Possible solution : \"%s\" (%s)"\
% (string, string.encode('hex'))
string += "\x00"
print "[+] Injecting it, and restoring snapshot"
inject(argv1, string)
if ins_addr == 0x40095c:
print "[+] Good password: ", before_symproc.last_injected
setCurrentRegisterValue(REG.RIP, 0x40096b)
def before(inst):
global snapshot_done
global argv1
ins_addr = inst.getAddress()
if inst.getAddress() == ENTRY:
if not snapshot_done:
# On 64 bits archs rdi id arc and rsi is argv
rsi = getCurrentRegisterValue(REG.RSI)
argv1 = getCurrentMemoryValue(rsi + 8, CPUSIZE.REG)
rdi = getCurrentRegisterValue(REG.RDI)
if rdi != 2:
raise ValueError("The binary needs at least one argument")
offset = 0
# The binary is expecting a filname size of 11 bytes as the checks are
# done on arv[1][0] to argv[1][10]
# So we need to symbolize 9 bytes starting from &agrv[0][0]
# Then we need to symbolize these 9 bytes
while (offset < PASSWORD_SIZE):
setCurrentMemoryValue(argv1 + offset, ord("_"))
# symbolize current input (argv[1][offset])
symvar = convertMemoryToSymbolicVariable(MemoryAccess(argv1 + offset, CPUSIZE.BYTE))
# Inputs must be printable, so we add that constraint to each one
# of the inputs:
symVarConstraints.append(ast.bvuge(variable(symvar), bv(0x20, 8)))
symVarConstraints.append(ast.bvule(variable(symvar), bv(0x7E, 8)))
# Go get next input
offset += 1
# End it with a null char for strlen to work properly
setCurrentMemoryValue(argv1 + offset, ord('\0'))
print "[+] Symbolized %d bytes of memory at 0x%x" % (offset, argv1)
print "[+] Taking snapshot"
snapshot_done = True
def constantFolding(node):
if node.isSymbolized():
return node
return, node.getBitvectorSize())
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Define the architecture
enableSymbolicOptimization(OPTIMIZATION.ALIGNED_MEMORY, True)
enableSymbolicOptimization(OPTIMIZATION.ONLY_ON_SYMBOLIZED, True)
# Start the symbolic analysis from the 'main' function
# Add callbacks
insertCall(before, INSERT_POINT.BEFORE)
insertCall(before_symproc, INSERT_POINT.BEFORE_SYMPROC)
# Run the instrumentation - Never returns