Real-time compressive tracker, C version.
C C++
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Real-time compressive tracker, implemented in C.


struct ct_t * ct = ct_new(); /* create tracker's parameters */

CvRect obj_box;

gray = query_gray_frame();

ct_init(ct, gray, &obj_box); /* initialize by the bounding box in first frame */

while ( gray = query_gray_frame() ) {

      ct_update(ct, gray, &obj_box); /* update, the obj_box contains new boudning box*/


ct_free(&ct); /* free all resources */


  • real-time, for at least 3 targets tracking, in a normal people's PC, and in my computer, it could track 10 targets in real time.
  • easy to extend and hack.

I did not give an accurate check between this version and the original version, If there's a bug, feel free to contact me or send a push request.


[0] "Real-Time Compressive Tracking," Kaihua Zhang, Lei Zhang, Ming-Hsuan Yang, ECCV 2012