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An automatic documentation generator for JavaScript.

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JSDoc 3

This is pre-release software, under active development. It is not intended for general use.


To build the jsdoc jar that runs JSDoc 3, use the ant build tool.

$ cd JSDoc
$ ant

This will create a file name jsdoc.jar in the project base directory.

To test that the installed app is working, execute the following:

$ java -jar jsdoc.jar -T


This example assumes your working directory is the JSDoc project base directory...

$ java -jar jsdoc.jar -d stdout yourSourceCode.js

For help regarding the supported commandline options use -h.

$ java -jar jsdoc.jar -h


Project Wiki:


JSDoc 3 is copyright (c) 2010 Michael Mathews

See file "" in this distribution for more details about terms of use.

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