Example of how to create part types which use your custom JavaScript and HTML. Parts based on these types are called content parts.
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You can create part types which use your custom JavaScript and HTML. Parts based on these types are called content parts. Learn more about these examples in the Custom Content Parts section of the BBIS Developer Guide.

Content parts are one of two types of custom parts in Blackbaud Internet Solutions. To create custom content parts, you need access to Custom parts in Blackbaud Internet Solutions, the ability to create part types, parts, and to add parts to a page. Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is required.

Parts have a display component which appears to Blackbaud Internet Solutions users who view a part on a page. Parts also have an editor component which is accessible to administrators. The editor component is used to configure a part. For information about Parts, see the guides for Blackbaud Internet Solutions: Blackbaud Internet Solutions User Guides at a Glance.

When you create a custom content part type, you can define the behavior for the display and the editor using HTML and JavaScript. You also specify a JavaScript to run when the part is loaded onto a page. What the JavaScript function does is up to you. For example, you can use the Initialize JavaScript function to initialize forms on either the display or the editor, display messages, and execute other functions. You can include other JavaScript libraries or make use of the existing reference to the jQuery library on the Blackbaud Internet Solutions page.


Third-party contributions are how we keep the code samples great. We want to keep it as easy as possible to contribute changes that show others how to do cool things with Blackbaud SDKs and APIs. There are a few guidelines that we need contributors to follow.

For more information, see our canonical contributing guide in the Blackbaud CRM repo which provides detailed instructions, including signing the Contributor License Agreement.