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What's Included

This section of the Blackbaud-CRM-Conferences repo contains presentation materials from the 2019 Blackbaud CRM Developers Conference.

Blackbaud Presentations

Conference Welcome

Kevin McDearis, Executive Vice President and Chief Products Officer Mary Beth Westmoreland, Chief Technology Officer

Welcome to the seventh annual Blackbaud CRM Developers’ Conference! Join us as we kick off the event with a message from Blackbaud's chief products officer and chief technology officer.

The Infinite Cloud: Bringing the Horizon to Blackbaud CRM

Charles Loftley, Senior Software Engineer

This past April, Blackbaud celebrated the go-live of its first Azure-based Blackbaud CRM customer, making it the first Infinity product to be hosted completely in the cloud. In this session we will discuss how Blackbaud has used DevOps methodologies to overcome unique challenges in taking Blackbaud CRM to the cloud, the lessons learned along the way, and how the experience will be used to further enrich products and customer support.

Eventbrite® Integration with Blackbaud CRM’s REST API (Not Yet Available)

Patton Hilliard, Principal Software Engineer

Learn about the capabilities of the Blackbaud CRM REST API. This session will demonstrate how to leverage your constituent CRM data with Eventbrite’s planning and management tools to promote events for your organization. Discover how to create and manage events, attendees, and tickets in Eventbrite, and automatically push this data into Blackbaud CRM to track event and constituent information in your system.

Introduction to Data Warehouse Extensions

Keegan Wade, Solutions Architect

This session will provide an overview of the design and development process for creating a Data Warehouse extension and demonstrate how to build an archival table in the Data Warehouse.

Power BI® for Blackbaud CRM

Chris Kastner, Senior Consultant Rebecca Sundquist, Business Systems Analyst, Senior Principal Justin Hubbard, Architect, Senior Principal

Unleash the capabilities of Power BI on your Blackbaud CRM data. This session will explore data connection options in Power BI for Blackbaud CRM OLTP and Blackbaud Data Warehouse sources. We’ll present methods for embedding Power BI reports into Blackbaud CRM pages.

Importing Data into Blackbaud CRM: Use Cases and Analysis

Keegan Wade, Solutions Architect

There are multiple possible ways of bringing data into Blackbaud CRM. This session will add variations to a basic use case to explore how different tools and methods can be more productive than others in certain circumstances.

Customer Showcases

The customer showcases showcased current and future Blackbaud CRM customizations built by customers. They provided an opportunity to learn from peers as they shared their tips, best practices, and results.

Atlas Sherpa—A Blackbaud CRM Developer’s Chrome Extension

Wayne Pozzar, Assistant Director of Development Technology Systems, Partners Healthcare

Have you ever wished you could quickly get back to a page that is several clicks deep in Blackbaud CRM? Do you get frustrated with navigation between multiple environments? Do you panic thinking about loading a spec into production by accident? Fear not! Atlas Sherpa is a Chrome® extension designed to help you navigate the world of Blackbaud CRM development by organizing your browsing history, tracking environments, and overlaying useful information on the Blackbaud CRM UI. Best of all, it’s free and open source!

Building an Administrator's Toolkit in Blackbaud CRM (Not Yet Available)

Dan Bourg, Director of CRM Services, World Wildlife Fund Fernando Sotelo, Lead Programmer, World Wildlife Fund Rich Muniz, Vice President, BrightVine

World Wildlife Fund® wanted to create a toolkit that provides a single point of administration rather than having to manage items desperately throughout the system on individual processes. The Administrative Toolkit provides a single point of entry to monitor jobs and performance metrics. It includes performance management dashboards that allow administrators to pinpoint long-running queries, long-running batch commit processes, user activity, and more. In addition, it allows tasks using Blackbaud CRM Interactions to be created for business process failures so that they can be managed by the assigned team member.

Blackbaud Internet Solutions™ University Planning Calendar

Dan Keck, Web Application Developer, The Ohio State University Thomas Lee, Senior Systems Analyst, The Ohio State University

The University Planning Calendar is a custom Blackbaud Internet Solutions user interface to the Blackbaud Enterprise CRM event system. Find out how we used JavaScript, display parts, and a custom handler (ASHX file) to fulfill a request from our Advancement Events office to allow non-Blackbaud Enterprise CRM users to view and submit events. University employees can add, edit, copy, export, and search for event records, as well as display events in multiple calendar views similar to Microsoft Outlook® and Google Calendar®.

Blackbaud Data Warehouse Tables and QlikView Reporting Customization

Sophie Elefther, Associate Director, Systems Management and Data Analysis, Boston College

By extending the out-of-box Blackbaud CRM Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Data Warehouse tables, we built custom reporting tables to standardize all of our outbound reporting data needs. These custom tables have simplified our reporting and are used for many of our integrations with third-party vendors like RNL, EverTrue, and Salesforce® Marketing Cloud. Lastly, using these custom Data Warehouse tables, we built a powerful yet simple and easy-to-use reporting tool (using Qlikview but embedded directly in the Blackbaud CRM application) for easy user access to create lists. This session will include a demonstration of the tool and how we planned and designed it.

Data Integrities and Data Audits—The Path to the Best Data Possible with Minimal Programming

Allen Roth, Director of Business Applications, Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Data governance and stewardship (i.e., keeping the quality and integrity of your data the best it can be) should be paramount for everyone in every application. In this session, we will review the differences between data rules, data integrities, and data audits. And we’ll show you how to implement an effective, proven solution in Blackbaud CRM with minimal programming. This overview and these practical examples will spark your creativity and help you turn your data quality dreams into reality.

Partner Presentations

Using Cognitive Services and Machine Learning to Empower Your Fundraising

Chris Kahrs, Cloud Solutions Architect, US AI/ML Partner Lead, Microsoft David Hendershot, Principal Software Engineer, Blackbaud

In this co-presentation, Microsoft and Blackbaud will demonstrate how to implement AI into your applications. We will demo a variety of cognitive services and discuss how to create your own machine learning model. Then, we will show these services implemented inside the Blackbaud application.


Third-party contributions are how we keep the code samples great. We want to keep it as easy as possible to contribute changes that show others how to do cool things with Blackbaud SDKs and APIs. There are a few guidelines that we need contributors to follow.

For more information, see our canonical contributing guide in the Blackbaud CRM repo which provides detailed instructions, including signing the Contributor License Agreement.

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