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the web platform
html5, blackberry10, webworks

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HTML5 (Wikipedia,, W3C) is our core Web platform. Key pieces in the BlackBerry Platforms are:

  • A very high performance and high quality browser based on [Webkit]
  • A [WebGL] Implementation
  • The [WebWorks] framework, which is related to and in increased alignment with [Apache Cordova]
  • [AliceJS] - a micro JavaScript library that helps leverages hardware-accelerated implementations of CSS3
  • [bbUI.js][bbuijs] - a JavaScript toolkit that implements BlackBerry UI look and feel for WebWorks applications

HTML5 Compatibility

The BlackBerry browser has consistently delivered high performance and high fidelity (1).


See [HTML5 Samples]

Official Documentation

BlackBerry Web References, including: HTML Elements and Attributed Supported, CSS Elements Supported and BlackBerry Browser Scripting Reference

Also See

[Cascades Samples], [Cascades], [HTML5 Samples], [HTML5 Tools], [Webkit]

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