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Tweaking the SmartSignals entry in catalog
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2 parents bf9d4f8 + bfd91b1 commit bf11cf95022376857156602a3cd4dff57892385e @pelegri pelegri committed Nov 18, 2012
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@@ -1359,7 +1359,8 @@
"url": "",
"repo": "Cascades-Samples",
"repourl": "",
- "tags": [ "native", "cascades", "bb10", "BPS", "Signal" ]
+ "note": "Written using Beta 3. This sample shows how the AbstractBpsEventHandler interface can be extended to receive BPS events without needing to create a separate thread. These events are then made accessible to the QML layer by creating and registering a C++ class, BPSMonitor, so it is known to QML",
+ "tags": [ "native", "client", "bps", "bb10", "qml", "cascades", "accelerometer", "gps" ]
"ScrollableLists": {
"desc": "A UI that scrolls horizontally in Cascades",

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